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Nano Silver

Nanosilver Antibacterial Powder

Ruisen stands as your premier nano silver powder supplier, delivering a spectrum of pioneering solutions. Our distinguished Nano Silver Series encompasses a versatile array of Antibacterial Agents, each meticulously designed to elevate the standards of hygiene and protection across various industries.

The Nano Silver Antibacterial Powder is independently developed by our company, using Zirconium Phosphate as the carrier to evenly distribute the silver ions with antibacterial properties in a stable form into the structure of Zirconium Phosphate. lt is a powder with antibacterial properties. lt has a strong inhibitory and killing effect on dozens of pathogenic microorganisms such as Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, and Candida Albicans. lt is non-toxic and does not produce drug resistance.

Features of Nanosilver Antibacterial Powder

Match with a variety of excellent materials: fibers, plastics, coatings, ceramics, building materials.

Excellent durability and heat resistance, long-lasting antibacterial.

High-level safety testing (animal oral administration test).

Applications of Nanosilver Antibacterial Powder

Medical dressings, antibacterial plastics, medical equipment, oral products, antibacterial fibers, ceramics, switch panels, adhesive pads, toilet seat covers, marble, children's toys, humidifiers, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, mobile phones, vacuum cleaners, tableware, pencils, coatings, shoe materials, cosmetics,etc.

  1. Silicon Gel Antibacterial Agent: Elevate the antimicrobial capabilities of silicon-based products with our cutting-edge solution.

  2. Plastic Products Antibacterial Agent: ln plastic applications, antibacterial masterbatches can be pre-made and added to plastic in a certain proportion. lt is suggested that the antibacterial powder content in the product should be 1.0-1.2%.

  3. Ceramics Antibacterial Agent: For ceramic products, it is recommended to add 3-5%.

  4. Textiles Antibacterial Agent: ln chemical fiber, antibacterial masterbatches containing 20% inorganic antibacterial powder can be pre-made and then added to the chemical fiber in a proportion of 5-6%. It is suggested that the final product should contain 1.0-1.2% antibacterial powder.

  5. Coatings Antibacterial Agent: For coatings (ink), the recommended addition amount is 1%-3%.

  6. Transparent Product Antibacterial Agent: Preserve transparency and cleanliness in transparent products with our specialized solution.

  7. Foaming Material Antibacterial Agent: Enhance the hygiene of foaming materials by incorporating our trusted antibacterial agent.

Our Nano Silver Series products are engineered to cater to a vast range of applications, guaranteeing the outcomes you desire. Whether your needs span healthcare, manufacturing, textiles, or beyond, Ruisen's Nano Silver Series promises to deliver exceptional antibacterial effects.

Unlock the future of nano silver innovation with Ruisen. Reach out to us today and acquire the precise products that align with your aspirations. Your journey towards unmatched hygiene and protection begins here!

Welcome to the forefront of innovation where protection is redefined. Introducing Nanosilver Antibacterial Powder, a groundbreaking solution meticulously engineered by Ruisen. With a team of domestic senior experts and scholars, we proudly present a product that sets new standards for antibacterial excellence.


Advantages Nano Silver Powder Supplier - Ruisen

Tailored for Excellence: Nanosilver Antibacterial Powder isn't just a product; it's a testament to our dedication to precision. With our proficient R&D engineers, we craft customized solutions that match varying solubility needs. This adaptability ensures that our nanosilver powder delivers unparalleled antibacterial performance across diverse applications.

Unmatched Expertise: At FUJIAN RUISEN NEW MATERIALS CO., LTD, expertise is our foundation. Our assembly of domestic senior experts and scholars fuels our commitment to innovation. With three national invention patents, including "High Self-cleaning Anti-pollution Flashover Coating and Preparation Method," "Anti-explosion Splash Coating and Preparation Method," and a slew of utility model patents, we're leading the charge in pioneering solutions that elevate safety and protection.

Dedicated to Quality: Quality is etched into every facet of our approach. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our investment of over 2 million yuan in state-of-the-art experimental and testing equipment. Our arsenal includes advanced climate test boxes and high voltage arc resistance test rooms, allowing us to meticulously manage and control product quality, ensuring reliability beyond measure.


Limitless Potential of Nanosilver Antibacterial Powder

Nanosilver Antibacterial Powder isn't just a shield; it's a promise of enhanced safety. The remarkable antimicrobial properties of nanosilver offer a microscopic yet potent defense against pathogens. From healthcare to electronics, its applications span industries, promising a cleaner, safer environment.

Elevate your protection standards with Nanosilver Antibacterial Powder by RUISEN. Join us in redefining safety on a nanoscale, because safeguarding lives knows no limits.

Connect with us today to embrace the future of antibacterial solutions. Embrace Nanosilver Antibacterial Powder, where protection isn't just a concept – it's an assurance.

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