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    Fujian Ruisen New Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. It is a scientific and technological innovation-oriented private enterprise. It is a high-tech enterprise recognized by Fujian Province, an advantageous enterprise in Fujian Province, and a municipal enterprise technology center. The Institute closely cooperates to carry out research on new silicon-fluorine materials and their border sciences; it is a research and development, production of anti-pollution flashover products, organic silicon insulation products, high-performance insulator protective agents and other organic silicon and organic fluorine products. The company adheres to the concept of "Creating a brilliant tomorrow with leading technology", focuses on the development of the power and construction markets, and takes into account other markets. In the field of protection, ensure the leading position in technology.



Enterprise Production Guarantee Capability

    Fujian Ruisen New Materials Co., Ltd. is located in the Zhangping Industrial Park in the middle of Fujian Province. It has a superior geographical location and convenient transportation. It covers an area of 30 acres. The company has grown from more than 30 people at the beginning of its establishment to more than 120 people today. It has a team of scientific researchers with high and middle-level professional titles; high-tech talents, advanced equipment, and perfect "Quality Management System (ISO9001: 2015)", "Occupational Health and Safety Management System" and "Environmental Management System (ISO14001) : 2015)" laid a solid foundation for the research and production of high-tech "Ruisen" brand series products.



Enterprise Technical Ability

   Fujian Ruisen New Materials Co., Ltd. has assembled a group of domestic senior experts and scholars, and currently has 5 senior engineers, 10 engineers, and more than 30 technicians. On the basis of the original RTV anti-pollution flashover coating, through independent research and development, the company has overcome the characteristics of rapid loss of hydrophobicity, surface dust absorption, and poor anti-pollution effect of RTV (room temperature silicified sulfur rubber) coatings. and other technologies to develop a new type of high self-cleaning anti-pollution flashover coating (PRTV), and also develop and produce a series of new products such as explosion-proof splash coating, silicone rubber insulating coating and its products. At present, the company has three national invention patents, including "High Self-cleaning Anti-pollution Flashover Coating and Preparation Method", "Anti-explosion Splash Coating and Preparation Method", as well as "Insulator Anti-fouling and Moisture-proof Bushing", "Insulation Protection for Substation Busbar Joints" Box" and other 13 utility model patents.
   Over the years, the company has attached great importance to the management of product quality. It has invested more than 2 million yuan in experimental equipment and testing equipment. A series of advanced testing equipment such as climate test box, high voltage arc resistance test room, etc., through effective management and control, the product quality has been effectively guaranteed.


Fujian Ruisen New Materials Co., Ltd.

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