• Foaming Material Antibacterial Agent

  • Foaming Antibacterial Agent

  • Foaming Antibacterial Agent

  • Foaming Antibacterial Agent

Foaming Material Antibacterial Agent

The Foaming Antibacterial Micro-powder is a proprietary additive developed by our company, which possesses highly effective antibacterial functionality.
Model: RS-KJ07

Product Description



The Foaming Antibacterial Micro-powder is a proprietary additive developed by FUJIAN RUISEN NEW MATERIALS CO.,LTD., which possesses highly effective antibacterial functionality. The product utilizes Cubic Zirconium Phosphate as a carrier, where silver ions are incorporated into the crystal structure of Zirconium Phosphate in a stable and uniform manner. This forms nano silver crystals with high antibacterial activity.

The surface of the nano silver crystals exhibits a porous structure, providing a large surface area, strong adsorption capacity, excellent chemical stability, and high-temperature resistance. The nano silver crystals have outstanding ion exchange and adsorption capabilities, along with a good sustained-release effect. Therefore, the Nano Silver Antibacterial Powder composed of these crystals possesses non-toxicity, broad-spectrum antibacterial properties, long-lasting antibacterial efficacy, and resistance to high temperatures, acids, and alkalis.


Antibacterial mechanism


Bacteria and viruses are organic organisms composed of phospholipid bilayers in their cell walls and cell membranes, which carry a negative charge. In contrast, silver ions are highly active cations that carry a positive charge. The bactericidal action of silver is primarily based on the principle of "Like Charges Repel, Opposite Charges Attract" in physics. When silver releases a large amount of positive charges on its material surface, bacteria or other organic organisms with negative charges floating in the air are attracted to its surface. The reaction between positive and negative charges inhibits the respiration of bacteria and causes complete deformation and rupture of their cell walls and cell membranes, leading to the loss of reproductive and survival capabilities, resulting in "Lysing Death." Conventional antibiotics typically only target around six types of bacteria, while nano-silver ions can eliminate 650 types of bacteria. The bactericidal mechanism of silver is not pharmacological but a "Physical Method" that does not cause any harm to humans and the environment. Silver ions do not leave their carriers and enter the air or the human body. Instead, they act like magnets, capturing bacteria that resemble dust. Even after the bacteria die, the silver ions do not release them and contaminate the environment. This approach does not disrupt the balance of microorganisms and does not harm the human immune system.




This product can be used for foaming sponges, EVA, and other foam materials. Our company's RS-KJ007 Cubic Zirconium Phosphate Silver-loaded Antibacterial Powder is modified to enhance its antibacterial effectiveness in the application of foaming sponges. It exhibits excellent compatibility, washability, and antibacterial properties when applied to footwear materials. It is recommended to add 0.8%-1.2% of the product, mix it uniformly with other substrates, and proceed with normal foaming.


Technical indicators







White Powder





Heat Resistance



Active Ingredients

Silver,Zirconium Phosphate


Silver Content



Particle Size



Antibacterial Rate

Escerichia Coli >99.9%, Staphylococcus Aureus >99.9%, Candida Albicans >99.9%


Skin Irritation



Acute Oral Toxicity Test(ml/kgBW)

LD50>5000(Practically Non-toxic)


Elevate Hygiene, Embrace Safety!


Discover the cutting-edge Foaming Antibacterial Micro-powder, exclusively crafted by FUJIAN RUISEN NEW MATERIALS CO.,LTD. This innovative product is designed to revolutionize your transparent products, such as cling film, food storage containers, and more, by infusing them with highly effective antibacterial power.

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