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Step into a realm of innovation, where possibilities are shaped by expertise and excellence. Welcome to FUJIAN RUISEN NEW MATERIALS CO., LTD, a name synonymous with Nano Materials mastery. As we chart a course towards advancement, we proudly present our pioneering Nano Zinc Oxide, a testament to our commitment to redefine industries through precision and innovation.


Our Distinctive Edge

Our journey is illuminated by the brilliance of domestic senior experts and scholars, defining us as the beacon of innovation. With three national invention patents, including "High Self-cleaning Anti-pollution Flashover Coating and Preparation Method," "Anti-explosion Splash Coating and Preparation Method," and an illustrious portfolio of 13 utility model patents, we stand as the vanguard of transformative solutions.


Innovation Through Customization

At our core lies the unwavering dedication to cater to your unique needs. Bolstered by our dynamic team of R&D engineers, we offer a bespoke approach that tailors our Nano Zinc Oxide to your specifications. From solubility nuances to specific applications, our commitment to customization ensures that our product is finely tuned to deliver outstanding results.


Empowerment Through Quality

Qualty is the cornerstone of our journey. With an investment exceeding 2 million yuan, we've equipped ourselves with cutting-edge experimental and testing equipment, including climate test boxes and high voltage arc resistance test rooms. Through meticulous management and control, our Nano Zinc Oxide exceeds industry standards, ensuring reliability that sets new benchmarks.


Reinventing with Nano Zinc Oxide

As pioneers of Nano Zinc Oxide, we empower industries with a product that transcends boundaries. Nano Zinc Oxide's remarkable properties make it a catalyst for innovation, spanning applications from cosmetics to electronics, and delivering solutions that rewrite the rules.


Step into the Future

Embrace a future defined by innovation and excellence. Partner with FUJIAN RUISEN NEW MATERIALS CO., LTD as your trailblazing source of Nano Zinc Oxide. Experience innovation that defies limits, quality that inspires confidence, and a commitment to redefine industries.


Embrace the future now. Connect with us to explore the limitless potential of Nano Zinc Oxide and experience excellence that reshapes possibilities.

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