• Plastic Products Antibacterial Agent

  • Plastic Antibacterial Agent

Plastic Products Antibacterial Agent

The Plastic Antibacterial Agent possesses broad-spectrum antibacterial properties and is effective against bacteria and certain viruses.
Model: RS-KJ04

Product Description



FUJIAN RUISEN NEW MATERIALS CO.,LTD presents the RS-KJ04 Plastic Antibacterial Agent, a revolutionary solution for enhancing the antimicrobial properties of various plastic materials. This white powder additive contains essential active ingredients like Silver and Zirconium Phosphate, which make it highly effective in inhibiting the growth of bacteria and certain viruses.

The Plastic Antibacterial Agent possesses broad-spectrum antibacterial properties and is effective against bacteria and certain viruses. After adding this Plastic Antibacterial Agent, the antimicrobial rate exceeds 99%, meeting various antimicrobial standards such as ISO, GB/T, JIS, ASTM, and others.




Broad-spectrum Antibacterial Properties: The Plastic Antibacterial Agent is designed to combat a wide range of bacteria, including Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, and Candida Albicans, with an impressive antibacterial rate exceeding 99.9%.

Versatile Compatibility: The RS-KJ04 is suitable for using with various plastic materials such as ABS, PP, TPU, PE, PET, AS, PC, PA, and more, making it an ideal antimicrobial solution for different plastic applications.

High Heat Resistance: This product demonstrates exceptional heat resistance, withstanding temperatures over 1000℃, ensuring its stability and effectiveness in various industrial and consumer applications.

Safe and Non-Toxic: The Plastic Antibacterial Agent has been thoroughly tested for safety. It is non-irritating to the skin and practically non-toxic, as indicated by the Acute Oral Toxicity Test (LD50>5000 ml/kgBW).




Application Range

It can be applied to ABS, PP, TPU, PE, PET, TPU, AS, PC, PA, and other plastic materials.


Plastic Antibacterial Agent Plastic Antibacterial Agent Plastic Antibacterial Agent


Usage Instructions

The recommended dosage is 0.8% of the total mass of plastic particles. For silicone rubber, the recommended dosage is 1.2-1.5%. For synthetic leather and foam materials, the recommended dosage is 1-3%. For anti-fungal and antibacterial applications, the recommended dosage is 2%. For antiviral applications, the recommended dosage is 2.5-4%.


Application Examples

Medical Equipment and Devices: In the medical industry, plastic antibacterial agents are incorporated into the production of medical equipment and devices such as hospital bed rails, IV stands, and handle grips on medical tools. These components benefit from the agent's antimicrobial properties, ensuring a reduced risk of bacterial contamination and healthcare-associated infections.

Food Packaging: Plastic containers and packaging used for storing food and beverages can harbor bacteria. By adding the plastic antibacterial agent, manufacturers can produce packaging materials that actively inhibit bacterial growth, leading to safer and longer-lasting food storage.

Household and Personal Care Products: Plastic products used in households, such as cutting boards, kitchen utensils, and toothbrush holders, can benefit from the antibacterial agent. This ensures a hygienic environment and reduces the chances of cross-contamination.

Automotive Interiors: Car interiors, including dashboard components, door handles, and steering wheel covers, can be treated with the plastic antibacterial agent. This helps maintain a cleaner and more sanitary environment within the vehicle.

Public Spaces: Plastic materials used in public spaces, such as handrails, door handles, and seating in public transportation, can be treated with the antibacterial agent to minimize the spread of germs and create a more sanitary environment.

Electronic Devices: Plastic casings for electronic devices, such as smartphones, laptops, and remote controls, can be infused with the antibacterial agent to reduce bacterial growth on frequently touched surfaces.

Toys and Childcare Products: Plastic toys and childcare products can be made safer by incorporating the plastic antibacterial agent, providing an additional layer of protection against harmful bacteria for young children.

Sports and Recreation Equipment: Sports equipment made from plastic, like helmets, mouthguards, and protective gear, can be treated with the antibacterial agent to maintain a cleaner and safer sports environment.


Technical Indicators







White Powder





Heat Resistance



Active Ingredients

Silver, Zirconium Phosphate


Silver Content



Particle Size



Antibacterial Rate

Escherichia Coli >99.9%,

Staphylococcus Aureus >99.9%,

Candida Albicans > 99.9%


Skin Irritation



Acute Oral Toxicity Test(ml/kgBW)

LD50>5000(Practically Non-toxic)


Advanced Antibacterial Solutions


With the assistance of RS-KJ04 Plastic Antibacterial Agent, the functionality and safety of plastic products can be significantly enhanced, opening up new possibilities in various industries such as medical and healthcare, consumer goods, automotive, and more. FUJIAN RUISEN NEW MATERIALS CO.,LTD. offers cutting-edge antimicrobial solutions that prioritize quality, performance, and safety. Contact us to obtain a quotation. Trustworthy and reliable, we are committed to delivering top-notch antibacterial solutions.