Where Can I Buy Nano Silver- Silicon Gel Antibacterial Agent

Where Can I Buy Nano Silver

Nano Silver Powder Supplier

In a world where cleanliness and safety are paramount, Ruisen stands as your premier nano silver powder supplier, delivering a spectrum of pioneering solutions. Our distinguished Nano Silver Series encompasses a versatile array of Antibacterial Agents, each meticulously designed to elevate the standards of hygiene and protection across various industries.


Unveiling Ruisen's Nano Silver Series

Silicon Gel Antibacterial Agent: Elevate the antimicrobial capabilities of silicon-based products with our cutting-edge solution.

Plastic Products Antibacterial Agent: Ensure the cleanliness and safety of plastic items with our potent antibacterial technology.

Ceramics Antibacterial Agent: Infuse ceramics with antibacterial properties, ensuring a new level of safety and hygiene.

Textiles Antibacterial Agent: Shield textiles from harmful microorganisms, providing peace of mind in various applications.

Coatings Antibacterial Agent: Maintain surfaces free from germs and bacteria by integrating our advanced antibacterial agent into coatings.

Transparent Product Antibacterial Agent: Preserve transparency and cleanliness in transparent products with our specialized solution.

Foaming Material Antibacterial Agent: Enhance the hygiene of foaming materials by incorporating our trusted antibacterial agent.


Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Needs

Our Nano Silver Series products are engineered to cater to a vast range of applications, guaranteeing the outcomes you desire. Whether your needs span healthcare, manufacturing, textiles, or beyond, Ruisen's Nano Silver Series promises to deliver exceptional antibacterial effects.


About Fujian Ruisen New Materials Co., Ltd.

Ruisen is not just a supplier but an enterprise specializing in the production of anti-pollution flashover products, organic silicon insulation products, high-performance insulator protective agents, and other organic silicon and organic fluorine products. Our company, Fujian Ruisen New Materials Co., Ltd., boasts several advantages:

  1. Prime Location: We are strategically located in the Zhangping Industrial Park in the middle of Fujian Province, enjoying superior geographical positioning and convenient transportation.
  2. Growth and Expertise: From a modest beginning of 30 people, we have grown to a team of over 120 individuals, including scientific researchers with high and middle-level professional titles, high-tech talents, and advanced equipment.
  3. Quality Assurance: We have implemented a robust "Quality Management System (ISO9001: 2015)," "Occupational Health and Safety Management System," and "Environmental Management System (ISO14001: 2015)" to ensure top-notch quality for our "Ruisen" brand series products.
  4. Research and Innovation: Our team of domestic senior experts and scholars, including 5 senior engineers, 10 engineers, and more than 30 technicians, has pioneered breakthroughs in anti-pollution flashover coatings, silicone rubber insulating coatings, and more. We hold three national invention patents and 13 utility model patents, attesting to our commitment to innovation.
  5. Quality Control: With an investment of over 2 million yuan in experimental equipment and testing tools, including climate test boxes and high voltage arc resistance test rooms, we maintain strict control over product quality.


Where Can You Buy Nano Silver?

Are you wondering where you can purchase high-quality Nano Silver products to enhance hygiene and protection in your industry? Look no further! Ruisen, with its decades of experience and a track record of innovation, is your trusted source.


Access Now: https://www.fjrschem.com/



In a world where safety and cleanliness are paramount, Ruisen's Nano Silver Series emerges as the beacon of innovation. Elevate your standards of hygiene and protection across various industries with our versatile Antibacterial Agents. Trust in Fujian Ruisen New Materials Co., Ltd., a company that combines expertise, innovation, and a commitment to quality.



  1. What is Nano Silver, and how does it work? Nano Silver is a material known for its powerful antibacterial properties. It works by releasing silver ions that inhibit the growth of bacteria and microorganisms.

  2. Can Nano Silver be used in food packaging? Yes, Nano Silver can be incorporated into food packaging materials to enhance their antibacterial properties and extend the shelf life of food products.

  3. Is Ruisen's Nano Silver Series safe for use in healthcare settings? Absolutely! Ruisen's Nano Silver Series undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its safety and effectiveness in healthcare applications.

  4. What industries can benefit from Ruisen's Nano Silver products? Ruisen's Nano Silver Series caters to a wide range of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, textiles, and more.

  5. Do you offer customization options for Nano Silver solutions? Yes, we can tailor our Nano Silver products to meet your specific requirements and applications, providing customized solutions for your needs.

Silicon Gel Antibacterial Agent

Silicon Gel Antibacterial Agent

Compatible with soft rubber plastics such as silicone rubber, the antimicrobial agent exhibits excellent compatibility. Model: RS-KJ08

Plastic Antibacterial Agent

Plastic Products Antibacterial Agent

The Plastic Antibacterial Agent possesses broad-spectrum antibacterial properties and is effective against bacteria and certain viruses. Model: RS-KJ04

Ceramics Antibacterial Agent

Ceramics Antibacterial Agent

The product possesses broad-spectrum antibacterial properties. Its antibacterial activity value is greater than 2, with an antibacterial rate exceeding 99%, and it can achieve a mold resistance level of 0-1. Model: RS-KJ05

Textiles Nanosilver Antibacterial Agent

Textiles Antibacterial Agent

The Textile-grade Silver Antibacterial Powder is obtained by exchanging silver ions on a Cubic Zirconium Phosphate carrier. It has small particle size and a concentrated normal distribution. Model: RS-KJ06

Nano Silver Antibacterial Agent for Coatings

Coatings Antibacterial Agent

It has excellent compatibility with coatings, disperses uniformly, and does not affect the inherent performance of the coatings. It can be used in various coating systems. It provides long-lasting antibacterial effect and does not cause yellowing or discoloration. Model: RS-KJ09

Transparent Product Nano Silver Antibacterial Agent

Transparent Product Antibacterial Agent

Transparent Product Nano Silver Antibacterial Agent: Small addition amount, long-lasting antibacterial effect, no yellowing or discoloration. Model: RS-KJ10

Where Can I Buy Nano Silver