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Best Nano Silver

Best Nano Silver form Ruisen

We are excited to introduce you to the best Nano Silver products offered by Fujian Ruisen New Materials Co., Ltd. Our company specializes in manufacturing high-quality Nano Materials, and we take pride in our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

The Nano Silver Antibacterial Powder is independently developed by our company, using Zirconium Phosphate as the carrier to evenly distribute the silver ions with antibacterial properties in a stable form into the structure of Zirconium Phosphate. lt is a powder with antibacterial properties. lt has a strong inhibitory and killing effect on dozens of pathogenic microorganisms such as Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, and Candida Albicans. lt is non-toxic and does not produce drug resistance.


Product Features

--The powder particle size is small, the particle size distribution is uniform, the specific surface area is large, and it can be mixed with various resins after surface treatment without affecting the processing and other properties of the materials.

--lt can be permanently combined with polymer materials, with good chemical stability. It is chemically stable within a wide pH range and can withstand multiple washes with surfactants, its antibacterial function won' t decrease easily.

--lt has stable physical and chemical properties, is heat-resistant, Uv-resistant, can withstand high temperatures up to 1000℃, and is not easily discolored.

--lts compatibility with resins is better than zeolite-type and silica gel-type antibacterial agents.

--lt has ultra-low toxicity , with an LD value much greater than that of other inorganic antibacterial agents.

Product Specifications

No. Item Value



White Powder





Heat Resistance



Active Ingredients

Silver, Zirconium Phosphate


Silver Content



Particle Size



Antibacterial Rate

Escherichia Coli >99.9%,

Staphylococcus Aureus >99.9%,

Candida Albicans > 99.9%


Skin Irritation



Acute Oral Toxicity Test(ml/kgBW)

LD50>5000(Practically Non-toxic)

10 Loss on lgnition at 1000°c <0.2%



Medical dressings, antibacterial plastics, medical equipment, oral products, antibacterial fibers, ceramics, switch panels, adhesive pads, toilet seat covers, marble, children's toys, humidifiers, washing machines, refrigerators, airconditioners, mobile phones, vacuumcleaners, tableware, pencils, coatings, shoe materials, cosmetics,etc.


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Silicon Gel Antibacterial Agent

Silicon Gel Antibacterial Agent

Compatible with soft rubber plastics such as silicone rubber, the antimicrobial agent exhibits excellent compatibility. Model: RS-KJ08

Plastic Antibacterial Agent

Plastic Products Antibacterial Agent

The Plastic Antibacterial Agent possesses broad-spectrum antibacterial properties and is effective against bacteria and certain viruses. Model: RS-KJ04

Ceramics Antibacterial Agent

Ceramics Antibacterial Agent

The product possesses broad-spectrum antibacterial properties. Its antibacterial activity value is greater than 2, with an antibacterial rate exceeding 99%, and it can achieve a mold resistance level of 0-1. Model: RS-KJ05

Textiles Nanosilver Antibacterial Agent

Textiles Antibacterial Agent

The Textile-grade Silver Antibacterial Powder is obtained by exchanging silver ions on a Cubic Zirconium Phosphate carrier. It has small particle size and a concentrated normal distribution. Model: RS-KJ06

Nano Silver Antibacterial Agent for Coatings

Coatings Antibacterial Agent

It has excellent compatibility with coatings, disperses uniformly, and does not affect the inherent performance of the coatings. It can be used in various coating systems. It provides long-lasting antibacterial effect and does not cause yellowing or discoloration. Model: RS-KJ09

Transparent Product Nano Silver Antibacterial Agent

Transparent Product Antibacterial Agent

Transparent Product Nano Silver Antibacterial Agent: Small addition amount, long-lasting antibacterial effect, no yellowing or discoloration. Model: RS-KJ10

Foaming Antibacterial Agent

Foaming Material Antibacterial Agent

The Foaming Antibacterial Micro-powder is a proprietary additive developed by our company, which possesses highly effective antibacterial functionality. Model: RS-KJ07

Best Nano Silver